Why You Should Hire Professional Cleaning Services for School, Office or Lab


Hire Professional Cleaning Services for School, Office or Lab

The need for a safe and clean office, school, or R&D lab (Research & Development Lab) is more important than ever, especially when cold and flu season starts to back its congested head. When some businesses rely on the services provided by independent janitorial services, they often lack standardized cleaning procedures, techniques, and follow-through that could leave your area of work a hot zone for resilient germs.

If an independent cleaning provider isn’t really cutting it, it is time to consider expert cleaning services that can rise to the occasion of keeping your office pristine and your employees healthy and productive.

Top 4 Reasons to Hire Professional Cleaning Services

  1. Professional & Quality Standards

Professional cleaning services are held to a very high standard; not only are the goods and equipment that professional cleaning companies use up to code, but their team members can also be held to a higher standard. Staff is comprised of competent cleaning professionals that have undergone comprehensive training while specialist cleaning companies comprise quality control and workforce management measures. While professional commercial cleaning services provide overall janitorial services in Dallas, they also offer an assortment of specialized services that keep your workplace as clean as you can, for example:

  • Floor and Carpet Cleaning
  • Pandemic Remediation
  • Electrostatic Disinfection
  1. Cleaning Technology

Hazardous germs, dust, and grime can conceal in the floors and carpets of your business, waiting to be kicked up by the passing feet of workers or clients. Using industrial vacuums as well as other advanced techniques like steam/vapor cleaning and electrostatic disinfection, specialist cleaning services may pull particles big and small from heavily trafficked rugs and floors which would otherwise be free to wreak havoc on your occupants’ health.

  1. Specialized Services

Professional cleaning solutions use heavy-duty cleaning products that aid in pandemic remediation; essentially killing bugs and viruses which can cripple a workforce. Successful pandemic remediation requires precision and attention. Leaving any doorknob or telephone handle dirty can aid cold and flu viruses to regain a foothold on your workplace or office. Each company that cares for its own R&D or lab facilities understands the rigorous regulations set up by organizations such as OSHA to guarantee a clean and successful workspace for many of its employees.

Besides an effective Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP), or other strategies to be put in place by business administrators, the specialty cleaning services offered by a professional cleaning service can drastically improve the cleanliness, and consequently, the safety of your R&D or lab facilities. From clean rooms that require sterilization to labs filled with precious materialism samples and equipment, the great number of variables associated with successfully cleaning a technical center is left in the hands of professional cleaning services.

Specialized facilities don’t finish in the laboratory or research department. Successful kitchen sanitation is a cornerstone of any successful foodservice organization. Restaurant owners are aware of the extremely rigid guidelines set in place by Environmental Health Officers (EHO) when dealing with the cleanliness of their kitchen, preparation areas, and storage rooms. If critical facilities are not up to the law, this could lead to severe penalties and fines, which would mean loss of earnings, consumer confidence, and at the event, loss of your business. By keeping hard-to-clean locations and equipment clean with the use of a specialist cleaning service, the odds of lessening code offenses skyrocket.

  1. Convenience

Aside from disinfection and cleaning solutions, some professional cleaning services like office cleaning in Dallas also provide handyman and maintenance services, developing a convenient source for virtually any office demand. If your company has or anticipates particular sanitation or upkeep need such as replacement lighting components, ceiling tiles, or running plumbing or electrical work, partnering with a specialist cleaning service is your best, most suitable, bet.


While cold and flu season is the most menacing time of year when it comes to keeping your workers’ and pupils’ well-being and your companies’ or schools’ productivity and earnings, professional cleaning services might help year-round. By using specialized techniques, products, and trained staff, they can actively reduce the number of harmful germs and germs running rampant in a given workspace.

Aside from keeping an office tidy and disease-free, professional cleaning services also utilize eco-friendly techniques, equipment, and products to decrease the unwanted consequences on the external and internal environment. Choosing the right professional cleaning service can keep employees healthy and productive, reducing lost revenue for your business.

Contact Allied Facility Care today to learn more about our professional commercial cleaning services and the advanced, eco-friendly techniques we use every day.

Keep Your Tenants Happy By Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Services


Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Services

What kind of experience do you give your tenants? As an industrial building manager or owner, it’s your duty to not only rent space to your tenants but also ensure they have a nice experience. They rely on you to keep an appealing picture and level of comfort that makes their occupancy worthwhile.

At the same time, you have got the responsibility to balance your tenants’ comfort together with the price of suitable building administration. Commercial building upkeep and amenities price money. The purpose of renting space to building occupants is to make a profit, after all.

Luckily, perks for your tenants do not need to be a loss for you. When you focus on the fundamentals of what your building occupants want, you might discover that you both benefit.

Not sure how to provide your tenants with the advantages of a fantastic experience whilst reaping some benefits for yourself? Listed below are the top things your renters are looking for from you, ways to meet their expectations, and what is in it for you.

Benefit for Tenants: Workplace Productivity and Comfort

Most people of a commercial building are companies and their employees and customers. This means that your tenants rely upon you to maintain your construction in a means which makes work possible to their workers and keeps their customers comfortable.

Here’s what building management can do to help their tenants improve productivity and sales:

  • Provide consistent, comfortable temperatures using a regularly maintained HVAC system. People can’t work efficiently when they’re too hot or too cold.
  • Install a comfortable degree of light. Lights that are too dim or too bright cause eye strain or create a particular mood that may not be complementary to some company’s brand. Your tenants will appreciate lighting that they can command so that they can choose whether they need to reduce glare on monitors or glow light in their merchandise for shoppers.
  • Maintain a clean atmosphere. Nobody wants to do business in a grimy office or shop. Hire a reputable commercial cleaning service like Janitorial Services to maintain your building pristine and attractive to everyone who walks through its doors.

Benefit for Tenants: A Healthy Environment

Maintaining a clean commercial building does more than project the right image for your renters. Additionally, it is essential for creating a healthy environment for everybody who does business in your commercial building.

Employing the right commercial cleaning service guarantees your building not only looks great but is free of gross germs, molds, and allergens that can sicken occupants. If workers find themselves suffering from illness and allergies after they move into your commercial building, you can be certain they will blame you.

Benefit for Tenants: Clear Communication

From time to time, queries and concerns will arise that your tenants will need to bring to you. Are you responsive to these, or are you currently hard to get ahold of? You along with your building management staff should be available to communicate with your renters and happy to resolve their issues.

It may be tempting to feel annoyed with tenant complaints at times, but keep in mind, these companies are paying for your services and can decide to end their rent at any moment. They know the value of good customer support and anticipate you do too.

Benefit for You: Lower Vacancy Rates

Your job as a commercial building manager or owner would be to rent out as much space as you can. This is easy to do when you are on good terms with your current tenants. If you are fulfilling all their wants and providing fantastic occupant expertise, they won’t want to depart and will be delighted to keep on paying rent for you.

Having fewer empty units also increases your standing. Prospective tenants that are interested in finding a space to rent will notice that you have few vacancies and take that as a good sign of how great building management.

Benefit for You: Higher Energy Efficiency

If you read the tips for improving tenant comfort and productivity and concerned about the cost, consider this: energy efficiency.

There’s a fantastic chance you are paying some of the bills for all that energy use. With an investment upfront in a more efficient HVAC system and lights, you can cut your energy costs and save yourself money while keeping tenants happy.

Benefit for You: Increased Lease Demand

Perhaps in the past, you have fought to attract new occupants. With the right updates, this can alter. When you create the right atmosphere with the hints above and also a superb commercial cleaning service on your side, potential tenants will take notice and plan to sign leases.

Keeping Tenants Happy with the assistance of a Trusted Commercial Cleaning Service

Managing a commercial building could be a balancing act. On the one hand, you have to keep your building companions happy and draw new ones so they will pay you. On the other hand, you need to keep prices low to make a profit. You also have to balance the numerous responsibilities on your plate, so you can present your tenants the care they deserve.

Employing a qualified commercial cleaning service makes this balancing act easier. The right company will give your commercial building a professional, attractive picture to maximize your occupancy rate whilst saving you time and stress.

In case you’re looking for a commercial cleaning service that may keep your tenants happy, Dallas Janitorial Services is the solution. Our proven process ensures client satisfaction. We work together with you early on to know your commercial cleaning needs and requirements. We build a group of cleaning pros to provide the services that you require and remain in contact to deal with any problems or concerns.

Dallas Janitorial Services offers an assortment of commercial cleaning solutions to serve many distinct industries. Regardless of what kind of building or renters you’ve got, we have the expertise to keep everyone content with superior floor care, janitorial services, provide restocking, and much more. We create building management simpler and help you keep occupancy high.

To find out more about the Dallas Janitorial Services difference and discuss everything you and your building occupants need, submit a service inquiry now, and we’ll be connected with you shortly.