Different Types of Link Building Strategies that You Should Know


Different Types of Link Building Strategies

What is Link Building?

Link building is essentially getting other sites to link (hyperlink) to your website. It is one of those strategies to optimize your content. If you own a website and want traffic from search engines you have to know about link building. Its advertising, sales, and what your website needs.

Backlinks have been the most important element for page rank and this has been since the beginning of search engines. SEO Experts have been speaking about link building and its effect for a couple of years.

We speak from experience when it comes to backlinks there is an excessive amount of information online about link building for websites but as you start working on it, it is a mess. So, hiring a professional SEO company such as Dallas SEO Company is a great idea for your business growth and getting higher ranking on SERP.

The basic principles of link construction will always stay the same “Quality Content”.

By quality content, we mean that whatever you decide to write should constantly aim at adding value for the visitors.

These days, link building is all about outreach and content, not simply link farming and link exchange since it used to be sooner. The method of link building is a work of patience, so it is a combination of excellent content and relevance. Reaching out to sites and asking for a backlink, it is not for everybody.

  1. Infographics

Yes, you heard it correctly infographics are excellent and easy to share you should just know how to use them for link building. While you get started writing a blog post search for related content or top pages utilize their information based article to create infographics from them.

As you use these infographics on your site make sure you link back to the resources. Always let them know that you are linking back to them this not only can help you build a relationship but additionally adds a tiny bit of visitors to your blog post. Then you’re more likely to find a backlink while you ask them to link to content that is pertinent to their post.

How to use Infographics for link building?

Find a list of websites in your niche which are rank and have some fantastic data or details which you may utilize to create infographics. You can achieve this by using tools such as ahrefs or even Buzzsumo.

Steps for using infographics for connection building —

■ Start with creating infographics.

■ Find topics/blogs on your niche where the Infographics can be used.

■ Pitch infographics that add value to their content.

■Be polite and request for a backlink.

To create infographics Canva has some fantastic templates and is user friendly.

  1. Link Round-up 

Link roundups are daily, weekly, or monthly blog posts that share great content that exists on the web.

The plan here is to get your blog post on those round-ups.

To-do so you need to follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Create Quality Content.
  • Locate Link Roundups.
  • Pitch your content.

Some examples to help you find them —

Use the search engine to find such roundups

“Keyword”+ “link roundup”

“Keyword”+ “Weekly roundup”

“Keyword”+ “Weekly link”

A different way to come across such roundups is by way of twitter. Twitter is an awesome tool for boosting content and that we feel at times it is underutilized.

To locate link roundups on twitter utilize Twitter advanced searches use keywords and search for connection roundups post. You will large variety of roundup opportunities.

Link roundups are excellent and it’s for the greater benefit to building a connection with these individuals, it increases your chances of being on these roundups.

So, don’t simply throw them each time you write a blog.

Make sure your pitch is personalized and does not look spammy.

  1. Host/Sponsor an event

You could host an event along with other websites that would market it for you, this is one method to include backlinks. Host occasions in your specialty that will help you build a new via sharing insightful content and having influencers on board.

Your brand value increases when other people talk about you, as opposed to only you always posting on your site. That’s the reason backlinks are still worth what they are.

Sponsor events in your niche to build trust among consumers. This will help you increase brand value amongst the community. Sponsored Links from top authority domains will make certain you get a trustworthy band.

  1. Guest posting

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

If you are an expert in your niche and the website is obviously around your area of interest. Guest posting is 100% for you. Getting your website filled up with content is easy. Writing for someone else, sharing insight and information is only possible in case you have an understanding and experience of what you are writing about.

Guest posting not just provides you some link juice & traffic. Additionally, it assembles your profile as a consistent guest blogger and which makes it easier for you to reach out to people as you continue to write to get a couple of them.

How do you find guest posting websites applicable to your market?

You can simply use google that will help you locate guest posting sites. Just enter your keywords and search.

  • Keyword “Guest Post”
  • Keyword “Submit Guest Post”
  • Keyword “Accepting Guest Post”
  1. Business directories

Online directories are an effortless procedure to link building. It is only a replacement of this ancient Phonebook. It’s possible to watch out for company directories on the internet and begin listing your small business. It helps you get the most applicable form of visitors. A number of them are free while a number of them are paid but these surely assist with traffic & business.

The benefit of company directories is that you reach the target market & these sites are generally high ranking.

The entire purpose of adding your business to business directories is to boost the probability of your site getting seen by a greater number of clients and it will help develop customer trust in your company.

How do you find business listing directories?

Search with your business specifics on google

You can use these strings to find directories —

  • “Industry” directory
  • “Industry” intitle: directory
  • “Industry” inurl: directory

Similarly, you may also search for location-specific directories.

  • “City industry” intitle: directory
  • “City” intitle: directory
  • “City” inurl: directory
  1. Broken Link Building

Nobody likes broken link on their webpages, this strategy still functions only because you are helping someone fix a broken link on their website.

How To Do Broken Link Building?

Proceed through sites in your niche and with a chrome extension Check my links which is a completely free tool you can analyze pages that are connected to you.

For example, a site where you feel your articles could add value and it has an outdated outbound link that doesn’t exist anymore you could simply inform the author about the broken link and request him to replace it with yours.

Another way if you’re using paid tools such as ahrefs, using website explorer you can easily find where your competitors are getting backlinks from go out there and follow these steps —

 Check For broken links — With check my links you could scan a page and look for broken links however there are other alternatives as well. Using ahrefs site research you can simply filter out the broken links on a particular page or the site. This is a whole lot simpler than scanning and searching pages. While check my links is a free chrome extension, Ahrefs is a paid tool.

Reach Out — Reach out to the website with their contact us via email. Emails work great in the link-building industry. Don’t ever start spamming folks over DM’s for backlinks.

Request them to replace it with your link — Be real with what you’re searching for and the way your content provides value to your readers. It works!

Congrats! You Just added a Backlink.

  1. Spy on your competitors

Your competitors spent a ton of money and a lot of time building those backlinks to get high ranking. If you are a small business competing against them it would be rather difficult to be successful.

By doing this first you have a listing of all of the websites your competitors are getting backlinks from and second you may analyze those links and decide whether those links are worth your time and source.

How do you find your Competitors Backlinks?

✓ Make a list of the competition.

✓ Use link explore on Moz or Ahrefs Website explorer you can pull out all of your competitor’s traffic.

✓ Export the listing of URLs.

✓ Open each link and examine them for backlink opportunity.

You can analyze things like how they obtained these hyperlinks, you also receive a content thought while going through them.


Link building has always been an important metric in ranking factors and continues to be.

While utilizing any link building approach the target should always be to attract in the aspired audience to your website. You need to try different techniques and determine what works for you best.

Backlink construction, similar to other advertising methods should be arranged and executed efficiently.

Examine these tips cautiously however do your exploration first. Set up an arrangement that works best for your business, industry & timeline or you can contact ioVista Inc for more details.