Tips To Enhance Energy Efficiency of Commercial Refrigeration


Commercial Refrigeration

Whether you are the manager of a local convenience store, restaurant, or hotel chain, it’s important to maximize the efficiency of your commercial refrigeration equipment. Not only can this help to prevent food spoilage and waste, but it will also significantly enhance the daily performance of the refrigeration system — reducing your average energy costs and saving on the costs of repairs.

In the following blog, we as restaurant supply Fort Worth offer top tips on How to boost your commercial refrigeration efficiency and research how our team of experts, here in Texas Restaurant Supply, can assist with this continuing process.

5 tips to improve commercial refrigeration efficiency

  1. Check the doors frequently

If the door seals and gaskets on your commercial refrigerator have become worn or damaged, cool air will start to escape out of the unit. This may also occur if the door has become misaligned, and it may have a very negative influence on the system’s overall efficiency.

Attempt to check the seals on your commercial refrigerator door regularly, possibly by feeling for any draughts of air or inspecting the interior of the device for condensation and moisture. Should you suspect a seal or gasket was compromised, it’s a great idea to replace this as soon as possible.

  1. Avoid unit overcrowding

It can be tempting to load your commercial refrigeration unit with plenty of products; however, overcrowding can have an extremely damaging effect on the system’s efficiency. It will need to work much harder to circulate cold air and, as such, it is going to begin to use excessive amounts of electricity.

You need to limit the number of products that are stored or displayed at any one time and try to not push things to the back or sides of the device, as this may hinder the overall circulation of air.

  1. Choose an ideal place for the unit

Putting your commercial refrigerator in a warm environment can significantly impact its efficiency and effectiveness. Essentially, the machine will need to work harder — and for longer periods to maintain your product’s cold and this is bad news to your future energy bills.

It’s a good idea to consider the place of your new equipment carefully. Make certain there’s sufficient space around the device as it helps air circulation, and attempt not to position the device in a naturally warm environment (e.g. a kitchen) or next to warm machines and equipment (e.g. an oven).

  1. Keep it clean and in full working order

You must take care of your commercial refrigeration equipment correctly. A build-up of dust can block airflow and lead to maintenance issues and, like the device should be cleaned regularly. You should also organize expert support for your own body, at least one time every six months.

Here at Texas Restaurant Supply, we currently offer a range of planned preventative maintenance contracts. These contracts are designed to make sure that everything is in complete working order, reducing the chance of equipment failure and optimizing the efficiency of your system.

  1. Upgrade whenever potential

Due to advances in technology, commercial refrigeration equipment has come a long way in the last ten years. Units are now 85 percent more effective than they once were and, when you haven’t already done so, now is the perfect time to upgrade. You might be reluctant to spend money on a brand new system, but it’s a worthwhile investment and may result in tremendous savings in the long term.

Texas Restaurant Supply includes a comprehensive range of energy-efficient commercial refrigeration products to pick from. Whatever the particular needs of your industry, we can suggest the best update for you, and our specialists can offer advice and guidance on the best way to maintain its efficacy.

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